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When it comes to thread milling, we must mention the top thread milling cutter of Nissin Tools. Founded in 1954, this Japanese cabinet company has studied high-threshold, ultra-hard, small-diameter milling cutters from the very beginning. Product, so its milling cutter precision is smaller than the tolerance allowed by the drawing. Today's Nisshin Tools is the only milling cutter manufacturer in Japan to sell with a cutting edge diameter of 0.01mm as a standard. Provide more than 9,000 kinds, accounting for more than 40% in Japan. Huida Magazine visited Nissin Tool Company to share with readers the exclusive technology of thread milling tools.

Hatsukaichi Tool Thread Mills vs. Fastener Tapping

The use of thread milling cutters has its advantages. First of all, once the general fasteners are broken, they will block the holes and must be solved by special tools or electrical discharge machining. Because the thread is usually processed near the completion stage, if it fails, it may lead to defective products. Conversely, the milling cutter is easy to rework even if it is broken. Because its diameter is smaller than the hole diameter, it is easy to take out. Secondly, the milling cutter adopts intermittent processing, which is not affected by heat, which is suitable for processing difficult-to-cut materials. Finally, the milling cutter suffers less material resistance during cutting, is suitable for high-precision machining, and its chips are easy to handle.

Nisshin Tool Co., Ltd. said: "Our thread milling cutters are different from other manufacturers' three-layer modeling, but instead adopt a single-layer multi-edge shape design that focuses on sharpness to achieve high-efficiency processing of threads. The biggest benefit of single-layer modeling It is free to specify the pitch according to the programming of the tool path. Therefore, the same tool can process standard teeth can also process fine teeth, and even the customer-specific special pitch can increase the difference of its own products. When it is damaged It is easy to take out and prevent bad parts from being produced at the end of the process. "

Nisshin Tool's lineup of 4 major thread milling cutters: MMTM, MMTS, MMTU, NSCV / NSCV-M MMTM (metric specification dental milling cutter) adopts multi-blade shape design, providing M1-M6 size, it is for STAV X mold steel with hardness 52HRC The processing time of each hole is 1 minute 25 seconds, which is suitable for high-efficiency machining of metric female threads. MMTS (micro-diameter dental cutter) is the smallest dental cutter in the world. It can process threads with a nominal diameter of 0.1mm and a pitch of 0.025mm for titanium materials. It is available in S0.1 ~ S1.4 sizes, which is more than the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS. The S0.3 size is also small, and can be processed into mini-female threads as thin as hair. MMTU (Inch-specific tooth milling cutter) adopts a cutting edge shape that pays attention to sharpness to improve the processing precision. The size No. 0-80UNF ~ 1 / 4-28UNF is suitable for machining inch female threads. NSCV / NSCV-M (C-face machining chamfering cutter) uses a strong rake angle and high sharpness, ensuring a good machining surface and suppressing burrs.

Independently developed milling cutter coating

The "infinite coating" of the next day tool is an aluminum-titanium coating with a hardness of Hv3400 and an acidification start temperature of 1100 ° C. Its "platinum" infinite coating has higher performance, hardness Hv3600, acidification starting temperature of 1300 degrees, and is suitable for milling cutters with high hardness (48 ~ 68HRC), which will push the milling cutter life to the limit. The MMTM, MMTU, and MMTS of Nisshin Tools use this self-developed coating. In addition, in pursuit of zero defect quality, Nissin Tools has also developed its own "TGM" milling cutter manufacturing machine, which has allowed its products to be exported to 30 countries (accounting for 30% of the company's revenue). Accounted for 30%.

Next day tool strategy

The next day tool will not only appear at the International Machine Tool Show in Japan and Taiwan in 2020, and the mold show in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and will hold a "Nikkhin Tool Independent Exhibition" at the end of January 2020. In the face of future strategies, Nissin Tools stated that it will "adhere to Japanese manufacturing, use Japanese domestic technology to promote overseas sales, and promote the ultra-fine, long life and high efficiency of milling cutters." At the end of the interview, it interpreted itself with this sentence: " Nissin Tools is a pioneer who infinitely expands the dream of manufacturing and realizes its potential! "
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